Your source for medical and industrial x-ray film recycling.
Purchasing & Recycling:
    Medical X-ray Film                                 
    Veterinary X-Ray Film                            
    Industrial X-Ray Film (NDT)
    Graphic Arts Films (Lithographic)         
    Circuit Board & Mapping Film
Receive full payment at the time of pickup.
We provide medical facilities, hospitals, chiropractors, veterinarians,
photo labs and printers with:
    Recycling Services: X-ray, lithographic and other silver bearing films/waste products.
    HIPAA Compliant Document Destruction
    Purge Services
    Photographic Waste Services

    Microfilm & Microfiche                           
    Motion Picture 35mm, 70mm, & 100mm Film
    Photographic C-41 Film Ends               
    Iron Core Silver Recovery Cartridges